Alberts and Associates was established in 2000 at the onset of the new millennium with a
vision and passion for helping people and organizations to develop and maximize their potential and achieve their goals. Since then, with a solid foundation of principles in psychology, human behaviour, relationships and communication, organizational dynamics, and leadership, A & A has developed into a diverse and successful psychology, coaching and consulting business.

A & A continues to provide confidential professional services in collaboration with individuals to
develop solutions for their own personal, relationship, and career success, as well as with many
organizations offering leadership and team assessment and development, executive coaching,
and workplace support services.

We do this by carefully listening to understand and assess your situation and needs, while
drawing upon your experience, our experience, and extensive professional research and
practices in working with people in diverse situations. Focusing on your requirements, we
collaborate to tailor our services and programs to maximize your potential and facilitate
achievement of your goals.

Our individual and corporate services include various types of informative and helpful
assessments, personal counselling, career planning, executive coaching, and workplace

Our clients are treated with courtesy and honesty. When you engage our services, we meet with
you to carefully and confidentially discuss your situation and develop solutions. As a client, you
will not have to guess about the ethics of the people working on your behalf. The highest
standards of professionalism guide our practice.

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